Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Girls just want to have fun...

Hola peeps!

So as I'm rummaging through my room as usual trying to figure out what to wear, breaking a sweat and what not. Trying on numerous outfits, like no, this is too "girly" and this is too that. So I decided to have fun, thats what girls really want right? right? lol 
So, I just went for it, jumped right into the deep in, ok well not really; but sort of. I wore this skirt that is  literally so short, that my niece could wear it as a dress and she is 1years old! To remedy the situation, I fashioned it over these lovely emerald ankle pants. Threw on a Jimmy Hendrix tee that also seemed to fit the bill, the FUN bill that is! :)

;) Peace, Love

(Everything is Thrifted) 

Photos by Lena Jai of

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