Friday, August 9, 2013

Red lips, Polka Dot Hips

Hey guys!!!
So this week I wanted to share my affinity for the 40's with you! I absolutely love the style of this era, the clothing is suited for curves, and I have some.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I ADORE polka dots! I have them in all colors and sizes, however I was missing them in pant form. So you can imagine when I saw these beauties my eyes dilated about 4 times the normal size! lol The fit is impeccable, I couldn't ask for more in a mid-calf capri :) The simplicity of this outfit speaks to me in the best way possible, and scolds my high school self for throwing on every accessory I owned just because. Then again there were times I bought $20 name brand shirts like Apple Bottoms 0_o in the name of "high school fashion" boy I tell ya I've grown!!

Peace. Love. Light

Blouse: NY&Co/Pants: Thrifted/Shoes: Thrifted

Photos courtesy of Lena Jai of

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  1. Wow before reading the post I looked at the pics and thought simple but cute! Then when I read the post I noticed that you had simple as it relates to your look. And yes those pants are bangin' on you lady. Like how you tied the top. Great look on you!


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