Friday, August 9, 2013

Red lips, Polka Dot Hips

Hey guys!!!
So this week I wanted to share my affinity for the 40's with you! I absolutely love the style of this era, the clothing is suited for curves, and I have some.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I ADORE polka dots! I have them in all colors and sizes, however I was missing them in pant form. So you can imagine when I saw these beauties my eyes dilated about 4 times the normal size! lol The fit is impeccable, I couldn't ask for more in a mid-calf capri :) The simplicity of this outfit speaks to me in the best way possible, and scolds my high school self for throwing on every accessory I owned just because. Then again there were times I bought $20 name brand shirts like Apple Bottoms 0_o in the name of "high school fashion" boy I tell ya I've grown!!

Peace. Love. Light

Blouse: NY&Co/Pants: Thrifted/Shoes: Thrifted

Photos courtesy of Lena Jai of

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dress down... Skirt over...

Hola guys!!!

I wore this outfit last thursday to work on a sweltering day! I usually never know what I'm going to wear to work until the day of, and this day was no different. I began rummaging through my clothes and pulled out this blue and white dress, but its a tad boring by itself. So I continued looking and picked out this lovely chartreuse skirt, and thought... these would look well together... so I gave it a go, and walah! 
I was thinking the dress would be lumpy under the skirt, but on the contrary it was rather smooth. I like this combo and may do more like it :) Oh, by the by check out my new earrings, aren't they cool, I thought so lol. 
As the days become more hot, I'm running out of ideas of what to wear, and not look like a hoochie mama lol Don't be surprise if you check back up here and see me dawning a flesh toned leotard 0_o 

Thrift this week and share what you find!
Peace. Love. Light.


Outfit details: Everything THRIFTED except shoes:Steve Madden

Photos: Courtesy of Lena Jai of

Monday, July 8, 2013


Ok..... so we won't mention, my lack of posting ok?.... :)

Hey lovers!!!!
I miss-ded you! (that's no typo, I meant to write that) 
During my lapse of blogging, numerous things have happened. Firstly, I got a new job (praise GOD), I moved in with my friends, and I turned 25!( I will be posting photos of that at some point).  Those things alone can explain my absence.

So, on to what you are here for! This dress. THE END. lol
I don't think I need to write more, but what the heck, I'll humor you. I bought this beauty at Goodwill for $6.99 kind of steep for me, but that's me. I know if I didn't snatch it off the hanger with haste it would not be mine, rather dawning someone else's figure. With pleasure I surrendered the cash and couldn't be happier with my purchase. 




Photos: Lena Jai of

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Hola Guys!!!!

Haven't been up here in a minute!! :( For shame, I know. 

Well, I was out with my friend Zee on this lovely day last week. I asked her to take my pictures since she was out with me! (After fussing and showing her how) I think they came out pretty nice :) Thanks Zee!  
Now on to the dress. With major reluctance, I bought this dress. Not because I didn't like it ( because I love it) However it was $15 at the DAV thrift store!!! Anyone who really knows me KNOWS I don't pay over $8 for a single item at the thrift lol and $15 at the thrift store is like $75 retail to me lol 
I had to get it though, never seen anything like it and received so many compliments! 

Happy Thursday Loves!

Peace :)

( Dress: Thrift/shoes:Steve madden)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Girls just want to have fun...

Hola peeps!

So as I'm rummaging through my room as usual trying to figure out what to wear, breaking a sweat and what not. Trying on numerous outfits, like no, this is too "girly" and this is too that. So I decided to have fun, thats what girls really want right? right? lol 
So, I just went for it, jumped right into the deep in, ok well not really; but sort of. I wore this skirt that is  literally so short, that my niece could wear it as a dress and she is 1years old! To remedy the situation, I fashioned it over these lovely emerald ankle pants. Threw on a Jimmy Hendrix tee that also seemed to fit the bill, the FUN bill that is! :)

;) Peace, Love

(Everything is Thrifted) 

Photos by Lena Jai of

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Imagine my surprise a little over a week ago receiving an email from the lovely Meosha Tall, of BGLH, wanting to do an interview with me! At first I was like maybe she didn't mean to email me lol! After getting over the initial shock, I agreed and now my interview is live on their site now!! 
Thanks again! 
Also I want to thank the influx of followers that incurred thereafter, welcome!

you can read my interview here

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hola Guys!

If you couldn't tell by the title, I felt cool on this day. Not to say I don't feel "cool" everyday ( because I shonuff do!) lol I think maybe its the jean jacket or maybe the fact that I got my hair "did" that day! Whatever the case I felt good! My fluctuating weight has caused these once fitted lovely pants, to begin to sag :( A good wash and they will be back to perfection...then back to the dreadful saggy bottom; moments thereafter. No matter lol perhaps I'll wear a belt next time. Oh, I got these cutout booties from the thrift and I was excited, they fit! Consequently, after having them on for a while caused my pinky toe to cry out in agony, so I had to rescue her from distress.  I will be breaking these buddies in! 


^^^ Pardon the slouchy crotch lol no bueno...

(Everything is Thrifted!)

Photos by Lena Jai of

Monday, February 4, 2013

{Relaxed Plaid}

Hey Guys!

If you don't know, I live in Virginia. With that being said, the weather here is nothing short of bipolar! One day its snowing, then the following day it will be 75 degrees o_0! To combat this crazy weather, I opted for something cozy and nothing says cozy like a chunky knit sweater which is also a turtleneck which only adds to the comfort. These pants....what can I say? I ABSOLUTELY love them, and have since I picked them up....just cool. Even cooler was the price at under $5.  What wasn't such a cool price was this dern Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC, at a whopping $15 I almost went comatose. All I kept thinking was the many outfits I could have gotten at the thrift store for that lol, hey I guess I should "treat myself" 


(Everything thrifted except jacket-NY&Company)

Photos by Lena Jai of

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hi Everyone!!

I always find great pieces at the Thrift store, and these magnificent pieces are no exception.  Everyone that knows me, knows that I can't pass up a pattern; also I'm keen on skirts of the fitted variety.  So naturally, this aztec print shirt and maxi skirt were right up my alley.
I have been wearing my hair like this for almost a week now, it reminds me of a crown. The color purple is associated with the regal and high class; so I found it only fitting that I wear it being the Queen I am :) 

(everything thrifted except Necklace-H&M)

Photos by Lena Jai of

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