Monday, July 22, 2013

Dress down... Skirt over...

Hola guys!!!

I wore this outfit last thursday to work on a sweltering day! I usually never know what I'm going to wear to work until the day of, and this day was no different. I began rummaging through my clothes and pulled out this blue and white dress, but its a tad boring by itself. So I continued looking and picked out this lovely chartreuse skirt, and thought... these would look well together... so I gave it a go, and walah! 
I was thinking the dress would be lumpy under the skirt, but on the contrary it was rather smooth. I like this combo and may do more like it :) Oh, by the by check out my new earrings, aren't they cool, I thought so lol. 
As the days become more hot, I'm running out of ideas of what to wear, and not look like a hoochie mama lol Don't be surprise if you check back up here and see me dawning a flesh toned leotard 0_o 

Thrift this week and share what you find!
Peace. Love. Light.


Outfit details: Everything THRIFTED except shoes:Steve Madden

Photos: Courtesy of Lena Jai of


  1. Wow- I'm amazed that top is actually a dress! I never would have known, and I also would have never had the creativity to put it together. It's so cute.

    Do you own a flesh toned leotard? Ha!

    1. lol, I'm sure you're very creative Ally!! thank you, though!
      No, I don't really own a flesh toned leotard....however I do have a birthday suit lol

  2. totes thought it was a top until i read the post. i really like that combo, the color of the skirt is great, and i LOVE your hair!!!

    1. Thanks chickadee!! I did my hair myself!!! Thrifty all the way around! ;)


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