Monday, February 4, 2013

{Relaxed Plaid}

Hey Guys!

If you don't know, I live in Virginia. With that being said, the weather here is nothing short of bipolar! One day its snowing, then the following day it will be 75 degrees o_0! To combat this crazy weather, I opted for something cozy and nothing says cozy like a chunky knit sweater which is also a turtleneck which only adds to the comfort. These pants....what can I say? I ABSOLUTELY love them, and have since I picked them up....just cool. Even cooler was the price at under $5.  What wasn't such a cool price was this dern Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC, at a whopping $15 I almost went comatose. All I kept thinking was the many outfits I could have gotten at the thrift store for that lol, hey I guess I should "treat myself" 


(Everything thrifted except jacket-NY&Company)

Photos by Lena Jai of


  1. Love the shoes. I love love love to thfift as well. It runs deep im my family lol. We love finding gems for a bargain. You look fab keep it up.

    1. :)!!!!! Thank you hunny!!! lol it runs deep in your family haha!! Thats great! Thanks a lot!


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