Friday, August 10, 2012

Cloudy with a chance...

Hey guys! 
I have returned!!!! Mwwwwahhhhaaa<---- thats my evil laugh lol 

So, I've been under the weather for what seems like FOREVER! It started with crazy migraines, then one morning I woke up and the migraine was gone, but my phalanges looked like sausages and my joints ached with pain! I took some med's and I'm feeling much better now! 

So enough about my ailments.  I wasn't aware that it would rain today, it was still warm so I decided to go with this little number!! Something about this blouse makes me think clouds, so it was appropriate for the impending rain. Oh and I finally get to debut my new vintage Coach bag!!  It reeks of cigarettes ( which I'm desperately trying to get out!) its beautiful none the less though! 
Just a casual look for a casual day!

Happy Friday peeps! 

Blouse, skirt, and vintage Coach- Thirfted/necklace- Charming Charlie's ($1.00)/Sandals- Plato's Closet

(Photos by Lena Jai of


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